Tools of Change; Post 4

In our toolbox so far, we have actualization, direction and self-compassion and today’s post is about connection.

When we come to the realization that something needs to change and we’ve gathered both information and courage, one element that will help us to put our plan into place is the connection we have to others. We are a relationship species and the need for our village moves well beyond childhood.

Because change almost always inevitably brings with it the fear of the unknown, leaning into our support circle can help create the necessary bridge to something new. We can spend time with others as a distraction, we can align with people who share the same goal, we can share our vulnerablities as a way to feel encouraged. This is why support groups are often instrumental for people in not only achieving their goal but in sustaining it. We can be quite determined to change on our own, but sharing our journey with our loved ones helps us to feel supported and cared for.

In difficult times in my life, where change was inevitable and I knew instinctively I could only go through it and not around it; I never felt alone. Knowing that I was walking with friends and family helped me to navigate the fears that naturally presented themselves. The connection we have to others is a tool of change that we can add to our growing tool kit. Tomorrow’s post will feature the last element in our tools of change series. 🙂

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