Tools of Change; Post 2

Yesterday we started a 5 part series on the tools of change – the elements necessary in order for us to move towards changing something. Our first tool of change was actualization, today we look at direction.

Our ‘aha moment’ brings us to a crossroads. The old way we were doing something, the relationship that just isn’t working anymore, the health issue that isn’t going away – all bring us to choosing a new path. It can feel comfortable to stay at the crossroads for awhile, and many do. But the urge to choose is still there – do I stay on the familiar path? The one where I know what to expect or do I seek out the new path and see what lies ahead?

Perhaps the best guide as to direction is knowledge. Our fears will often keep us from being curious – but there is no risk to curiosity. Gathering information for change tends to increase our sense of confidence and agency; it allows us to feel as though we are in the driver’s seat of our own life.

Another important variable to direction is to share your realization with trusted loved ones. Vulnerability will always help to cement your realization, and the encouragement that you receive from those you love will bolster your decision to move forward. It is okay to ask for help. 

We need movement when in the process of growth. Albeit slowly, it is an important element to feeling accomplished.

Realization and direction – two important tools for change.

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