Trevor Noah and his take on relationships

Building on yesterday’s post in which we learned from Iyanla Vanzant what she learned about relationships, today we take a look at what Trevor Noah has to say about his own experience.

“Born a Crime” is Trevor Noah’s memoir of childhood. Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, who writes about his life growing up in South Africa during the tail end and aftermath of apartheid. I appreciated this quote from the book:

“Relationships are built in the silences. You spend time with people, you observe them and interact with them, and that is how you come to know them.This is what apartheid stole from us” – Trevor Noah, Born a Crime

Trevor writes this is response to his experience in having to hide his relationship to his white father. Because of the laws of apartheid, Trevor wasn’t allowed to call him ‘Dad,’ wasn’t allowed to look like they were walking together down city streets, wasn’t allowed to live with him.

And yet, that is how we get to truly know people; is in the time we spend together, through the memories we make, through the shared laughter and tears, through the activities we engage in, through the silences.

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2 thoughts on “Trevor Noah and his take on relationships”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve seen reviews of this book. It’s hard for me, born in Canada to wrap my head around a person being illegal simply based on their existence. And as it’s written in first voice it’s not like a “ way back in history” thing. Wow!


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