Two Key Components of Acceptance

We can all struggle with acceptance at times. Perhaps we don’t understand why something happened as it did, perhaps we feel the sting of betrayal, perhaps something we wish would change isn’t, or perhaps the reality of the situation is one we just don’t want to face.

In any case, acceptance is always going to be a part of our growth and movement forward. Two key components of acceptance include:

  1. Acknowledgement. How does the old saying go? You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge? The same principle can be applied to acceptance. The first step is always the acknowledgement that the situation has occurred, we can’t control another person’s behaviours or choices, sometimes bad things happen to good people and we don’t always get the answers we are seeking. Once we can acknowledge that the situation ‘is what it is,‘ we are in a better position to take the path of acceptance. This leads us to our second component which is:
  2.  Acceptance is achieved over time. Acceptance is a process that is conscious. It is a daily decision, an affirmation to ourselves that we can handle what the day brings, that we feel what we need to feel, that we bravely choose to let go of what we can’t control and make choices over what we can, that “No matter what, I’ll be okay.”

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