Two Things that Get in the Way of Clarity

Sometimes we get the feeling that we just aren’t thinking clearly. We may know that we need to change something, we may instinctively know what is good for us, but we seem to lack the full clarity necessary to understand what is holding us back. Two things that will get in the way of clarity:

  1. Self-limiting beliefs. Nothing will hold you back faster than the poor me cycle. Believing that you can never get ahead, wondering why you can never catch a break, lamenting as to your bad luck – that type of thinking pattern tends to be a result of self-limiting beliefs. What we expel in energy comes back to us. The same can be said for wanting to change an unhealthy habit. Remember the little engine that could? When we begin to have faith in ourselves and our ability to change, we face our circumstances in a more objective way, creating clearer thinking as a result.
  2. Holding on to the past. When we hold on to the past, we tend to also stay in a state of blame; resentment or bitterness – a perfect roadblock to effective change. We can’t really move forward when we are stuck in the past; it begins to infiltrate our decisions, and fears of uncertainty get heightened. Sometimes the way we hold on to our past is to ascribe to the belief of “Well, I have always done it that way.” We are much better served to challenge those types of thoughts; perhaps what worked for us in childhood is not working for us as adults. Perhaps we need to heal from the past (which is a conscious decision) as to gain the clarity required for growth.

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