The Value of Family Dinner

Growing up, our family of four ate dinner together every night; when I had my own family, I carried on the tradition. It was a good time to connect with each other, talk about our best and worst parts of our day, have a few laughs, and it served as a bookend for the beginning of our evening. But it is through my sister that I learned the true value of family dinner.

A few years ago, she decided to begin the tradition of having “Sunday supper;” a gathering at her house that she began as a way to gather her adult children on a regular basis. She cooks for all of us, every Sunday, and the group ranges anywhere from 10 to 15 people; a big deal when you think about it (and she is an excellent cook!)

What makes it so valuable is the importance she places on it; and as a result, it has also become a prominent part of our week. There has been much talked about at family supper, laughter, some tears, and the telling of stories. I have learned through Sunday supper that gathering to eat together is about attachment; stability, consistency, attunement. It nourishes our comfort system, strengthens the connections we have to each other and creates memories. Family dinner brings light to the kitchen.

Thank you, Karina 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The Value of Family Dinner”

  1. Hello Kristine,
    Family dinner was not a constant growing up in my family and always a bit of a struggle when raising my own children. But the one day of the week that we pull it together is Sunday. For years now Sunday night is when my Mother in law joins us. Her and I plan and cook together so it is never a huge effort but always good. Now with the kids away, it is not uncommon to have one of her friends join us at the table. Sunday night dinner is our time to connect, check in and usually do a crossword or two. Sunday night dinner absolutely nourishes my comfort system.

    • Hi Dawna Lee,

      Thank you so much for your feedback and own experience with Sunday suppers 🙂 What a lovely image you have provided into your home and tradition; thanks for sharing!

  2. Looking back when my kids were younger we struggled to all be together during the week as we were busy running for hockey, soccer, dance etc. Life just seemed so crazy busy. But after church on Sundays, we made it a tradition to go to Jim’s restaurant for breakfast. Later when the kids were older we started having my mother Inlaw (now91) over on Sundays for dinner. My brother inlaw would come over after dinner to join us for tea. Actually he has tea, while we have wine. 🙂 Now my 2 kids who no longer live at home I can count on seeing them for Sunday dinner too! Treasure my Sundays as lots of good discussions and memories shared.

    • Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing! What a nice way to build the connections not only with your kids but with your extended family as well. And a nice reason to also enjoy a glass of wine on the eve of yet another busy week 🙂


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