The Weight of Flexibility

We all have our moments when we adamantly believe that we are right. It may lean into our values, our morals, or because “it’s always been done that way.” Our convictions are a valuable part of us, they help to define who we are and often govern how we see the world. The significance of our opinions are often driven by our emotions, but where do our thoughts fit in?

If we lean into our opinions with adamant rigidity, we risk falling down into the rabbit hole of judgement; sometimes to the point of hypocrisy. We leave our loved ones feeling misunderstood and we risk their emotional withdrawal. We are better served to find flexibility to help carry the weight of the exchange. 

Being flexible doesn’t require that we give up our convictions; it simply means that we are open to listening; to understanding another’s position. When we can include flexibility, we validate our loved ones, opening up the space for healthier communication and the consequent strengthening of the relationship.

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