What it Means to Numb; Best Said by Brene Brown

When we numb emotions, it is our way of avoiding painful feelings or traumatic experiences. Whether we push everything down, “just try and not think about it,” or turn to alcohol, over-eating, over-spending and the like, we are leaning into numbing behaviours. Brene Brown says it best:

“We cannot selectively numb emotion. If we numb the dark, we numb the light. If we take the edge off pain and discomfort, we are, by default, taking the edge off joy, love, belonging, and the other emotions that give meaning to our lives.”  – Brene Brown in “Dare to Lead”

It is in our nature to avoid what is painful; we don’t willingly put ourselves in harm’s way. It is also, however, in our nature to grow and in order to achieve that, we must also understand the pain. Sometimes this will require both courage and curiousity so as to lean into the pain; to explore how it has manifested in you and to reclaim it in the name of growth and movement. :)

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