When Friends Become Family

Over the Canada Day weekend we spent some time at a cottage with friends. Beautiful weather, views of Georgian Bay, waterskiing and tubing (not for me…but I enjoyed the boat!), time spent relaxing and catching up, meals shared squished around a table, laughter and connection high on the priority list.

Kim is a high school friend, which means we are going on 30 plus years of friendship. From high school on, we have been challenged by living 4 hours apart. During university, we kept in contact by writing letters, and we have always made a consistent effort to make sure we had plans in the queue to get together. Sometimes that includes girls weekends, other times it is couple or family time. We both have had challenging times in our lives in which we were there for each other; the stability and consistency of friendship has strengthened our bond.

If anyone were to observe our children together (5 in total), they would assume they were cousins. Immediate hugs, full consumption of time spent in activity, automatic affection and laughter and an affinity towards each other that is protective and familial. The best way to describe it is that it is simply a feeling; one of wholeness and unconditional connection – that is when friends become family.

Photo credit: Me! The view from the cottage of Georgian Bay

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2 thoughts on “When Friends Become Family”

  1. Golden! I read a description once that called this phenomenon “cradle friends”. For me it captured the familial aspect of long standing friendships. The experience of growing together, so many developmental milestones distinguishes this from other albeit important relationships in our lives.


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