When We Are Given Time

I love this quote by Dr. Wendy Walsh:

“When the world stops, we are being given the gift of time. Time to create. Time to love. Time to cook. Time to wait.”

– Dr. Wendy Walsh

We have been given the gift of time. We can either view it as an ultimate annoyance and see it only for its disadvantages, or we can use it to our advantage. Go out for walks in nature, play in the yard, set up a puzzle that everyone can work on, play a board game. Bake cookies, watch old re-runs of your favourite-ever TV show, create a scavenger hunt, read, draw, play music, organize a closet.

And notice. Notice what it feels like to have no activities that you have to run to, notice what the earth feels like when it is still, notice the slower pace at work, notice that everyone can adjust to boredom and be better served by it.

We have been given the gift of time – lets use it well.

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2 thoughts on “When We Are Given Time”

  1. This is such a beautiful post!!
    Your daily inspiration is welcomed as part of my morning prayer time.Thank you and many blessings!


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