Why Do We Want to Fix It?

We have a tendency to want to fix things. Part of this might come from learned behaviours and childhood roles; being responsible for others at a young age, being made to feel as though something was our fault, the tendency to people please or mediate.

But perhaps it can also come from nature. One thing that I have learned from Avanti Kumar Singh‘s podcast The Healing Catalyst, is that we all possess both masculine and feminine energy. Feminine energy tends to lend us our ability to be compassionate and to listen to our intuition – it is an energy that highlights our inner world. Masculine energy tends to orient us to the outer world and is the “doer” energy; what lends us our ability to take action.

Perhaps when we are feeling the plight of another, when we sense they are struggling with something, our natural instinct kicks in to want to fix in for them. We might see it so clearly, we know we have the answer; to give them a solution or advice.

And I would say that there is nothing wrong with wanting to fix it, as long as that is also what they seek. We are much better served to slow down, to listen, and to ask before we come to the conclusion that they want our solution. Understanding that we want to fix because of our nature is an important element in consciously slowing down long enough to listen with intent. 

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@ralfskirr

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