Why We Need to Keep Our Negative Thoughts in Check

It really isn’t difficult to have negative thoughts. We all have a negative bias based on our survival brain, we have core beliefs from childhood, and depending on our circumstances, we may be feeling crummy which can lead to bleak or defeatist thoughts.

By why is it so important to keep them in check? Because when we give negative thoughts too much attention, we run the risk of misperceiving ourselves and our loved ones. 

Our core beliefs fight for space; they ultimately want more attention than our healthy parts. Negative thinking will feed that core belief until you have yourself convinced of its validity. Misperception. Caution: may lead to self-sabotaging behaviours.

You are feeling blue, crummy, crabby. Your friend tells you she can’t make the coffee date. Negative thinking will have you assuming the worst. Misperception. Caution: may lead you to say something you regret.

You have a fight with your teenager; anger prevails, feelings are hurt and negative thoughts ensue. Soon, you have yourself convinced that you are the worst parent in the world and there is no hope for your teenager. Misperception. Caution: may get in the way of being able to move in for repair and compromise.

We are much better served to not give those negative thoughts too much attention. We want objectivity to come in and allow us to see the situation in a more realistic light; guiding us to stay on track and as a result, feeling grounded and confident in our choices.

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