Winter As Sacred

Today marks the Winter Solstice; the stars are aligning to bring us the shortest day of the year. Although this can be disheartening, as it reminds us that we have quite a ways to go before spring, I have come to appreciate the idea of winter as a sacred time. Nature proposes that winter is a time of stillness and hibernation; a time when we can explore and realign our inner resources to prepare for a season of renewal. As winter blankets nature, so too can we begin to appreciate that change is inevitable and that growth often follows.

All it takes for me to cozy in, with the fireplace on and a book in my hands, is to see snow gently falling down in the streetlamp outside of my window. And yet, just as hibernation may be our instinct when winter is upon us, so can an innate pull to feel winter’s fresh air in our lungs. Playfulness in winter can also mark our sacred time, as we head outside to go sliding with the kids, build a snowman with our grandchildren, make snow angels with our partners, or take in the sights skating on the Rideau Canal.

Winter as a sacred time; what a lovely thought filled with purposeful intention.

Photo credit: http://Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Winter As Sacred”

  1. While I’m not in general a fan of the short days and long nights of winter, I do love the days when there is heavy snow fall, no obligation to be anywhere but home, and movies on the TV. There’s something magical about such days.


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